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Episodes 9 -12 of Class Action is where we put some of the action, in Class Action. These stories are meant to capture the sport of collegiate and law school trial. The grit and passion oyf these young lawyers is on full display for your ears. And you can experience the emotional toll that this sport takes on everyone involved. We also move from virtual trials to live and in-person competition and that can't be underestimated.

We conceived of this series as a filmed series and had great interest from production companies and networks. But the pandemic made it less appealing for film. But it was a gift for our sound recordists, who were able to embed with the teams and capture some very intense and intimate moments before and after the rounds.

Amaya -- pictured above, is singled out in several moments holding back tears as she implores her teammates to push harder than ever to get to the promised land of nationals. You hear prayers and self-doubt. Unbridled joy and witness the occasional dagger thrown in the heart of the other team.

I've just been listening to the final mix of the next episode, where we capture the drama of the St. Mary's team as they compete in a high stakes tournament. If you've been following the team and the series, you know that they are fragile at this moment in time.

I grew up playing sports and competed collegiately in soccer (Go Pitt). I was a ham and egger, but loved it. Like many of you, I'm sure, I enjoy watching sports docs -- Hard Knocks, Last Chance U, The Last Dance, Magic & Bird -- all of them. And I knew that this sport - mock trial - has many of the same elements that a classic sports doc contains. Tough coaching, intense practice, rivalries and gladiators. But there is also sportsmanship and grace.

Better yes, this competition is designed to produce lawyers who will uphold and defend the rights of all Americans in a system that is flawed on many levels. The right to a fair trial is under attack in this country and we all should be very concerned and place our hopes in the minds and voices of this generation. Our liberties are at stake.

Still, Lisa and I simply hope that you can vicariously enjoy the intensity of high-level competition. Please keep listening and tell your friends and do write a review. It means a lot.

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