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What's Up Law Students?

If you’ve been listening to this series, then you know that law degrees are not handed out. Good lawyers put in the work. It’s a grind. A good many of the student’s you’ve met have already taken the bar exam and we wish them all the best of luck. Their futures are being shaped in the days ahead. Having spent some time with them, we like to believe that the law will be in good hands. That’s really something to celebrate. Like in any profession, these young lawyers will make their share of mistakes. We all do. There will be plenty of late nights pouring through evidence and tracking down files in a messy office. It can feel lonely.

But one place where they will always find a home is inside a courtroom. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll find them standing beside you, making your case.

We thought you’d want to know what a few of them have been up to.

After taking the bar exam Baylie Moravec traveled to Washington DC to stand on the steps of the Supreme Court – just to get the vibe of the place in case she has to go inside and argue a case someday. In a couple of months she will be joining a firm in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska , where she’s going to focus on employment law – making sure that someone’s workplace is safe and free of discrimination.

Matt Skinner had a standing offer to apply for a job with the Minnehaha Public

Defender’s office, but he had another option, closer to home. He’ll be a defense attorney – that’s a given – and he’ll be working alongside his dad in Rapid City and picking his spots to make an impact.

Don’t cry for the Minnehaha PDO, because, in a surprise move, Justin Pieterite

snagged a job and will be showing up in court for them soon. Right after he drops a few more fish into the old canoe in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota.

Bill Murray – not that Bill Murray – is perfecting the art of suburban lawn care at his new house. He's thinking of raising some chickens. And after he and his wife return from a tour of southern Italy, he’ll continue working as a federal court clerk in Rochester, Minnesota.

Tyler Volesky spent his summer at the prestigious law firm of Volesky and Sons in Huron, South Dakota. When we last talked to him, he was up to his ears in depositions for a civil trial. He still has not made his way to the east coast, but he told us that he’s trying to convince his dad, Ron, to give him a tour of his alma mater, Harvard University.

In Brooklyn, Ellie Sands spent the summer as a legal intern for the NYCLU – the NewYork chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. She’s still dedicating her time to civil rights litigation cases and advocating for criminal justice reform. But for now, she not studying or changing the world. She’s hanging out on a beach somewhere in Southern California.

When Anjani Shah isn’t taking selfies with her huge furry dog, Cleo, she interns at the Bronx Defender’s Office in their immigration practice. She took a trip to Columbia after her 2L year and she’ll soon be in Berlin -- training for that city’s marathon..and drinking chai.

If her Instagram account is any indication, Phoebe Menaker enjoyed turning 25 –like, really enjoyed turning 25. Over the summer, she interned at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office -- working in a felony trial bureau.

As for Kathryn Boyko, she learned all about real estate and transactional law during her internship. That will come in handy in New York City where people have been known to kill each other over a vacancy at a rent controlled apartment. She recently boarded a yacht in Croatia and is doing “fun things” with her friends on the water and in port.

The St. Mary’s team is, typically, all over the place.

After graduating and taking the bar exam, Andy Vizcarra decided to take a page from Jules, the Pulp Fiction character played by Samuel L Jackson. Andy has decided to walk the earth – you know meet people, have adventures.

She climbed mountains in South America, ate pizza in Rome, took selfies of Michealangelo’s statue of David singing "What a man, what a mighty good man" and drank wine in Portugal. Soon its back to the florescent lights of the DA’s office and the misdemeanor courts -- where she hopes to face Jasmin again... and win.

Happy go lucky Jasmin Olguin had to delay any fun vacations after the bar exam.

She told us that her boss Jason Goss --is making her prep for a big upcoming trial. It’s top secret. After that Jasmin promises to let loose _ perhaps during a trip to the casino, where, apparently, she’s a high-roller.

Cole Davila is apparently looking for a job. Who wouldn’t hire this guy? Has the world gone mad? Meanwhile he’s waiting for his clearance to become a JAG lawyer. It’s not all so bad - he’s traveling to Cozumel, Mexico for the first time since the Covid outbreak. And he has written the nicest notes to us about the show. Thanks, Cole.

Mariela Encinas wore Mickey Mouse ears for days on end at Disneyland where sheis, quite simply a super fan of all things in the magic kingdom. Then it was back to her job as a criminal law clerk at her old stomping grounds at the Pima County DA’s office- where she first caught the bug to be a lawyer. Mariela is a 3L now and we're sure the trial team is anxious to get her back.

And finally, in New Orleans

Lajeanne Shelton’s received a generous scholarship and is now enrolled in the prestigious Hastings Law School in her hometown of San Francisco.

Amaya Ronczyk is gearing up for her first semester at Harvard Law School.

Renee Simeon has taken the pledge for her law school at Southern University.

Caitlin Douglass – the good troublemaker – is working as a legal and policy researcher for the Orleans Parish civil district clerk of court. She’s also working as a part time volunteer coordinator for the lower 9th ward voter’s coalition. In her spare time, she’s a true fashionista, has an amazing singing voice and is devotee of pop culture.

Deandre Bell clerked for the Yancey Legal Group in Houston and worked at Rice University as an RA to make some bucks. He says he mostly hung out with frat bros and, to the chagrin of his parents, got his first tattoo. Back on campus he has too many responsibilities to note here… - but he is now the education director for the trial team – where he can teach the young lawyers a few tricks like the now, infamous hoodie defense.

We here at Class Action wish them all the best in their pursuit of justice.

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