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Truth be told, the decision to profile the Dillard University mock trial team was done in desperation. One of our law school teams pulled out at the last minute and we were scrambling to find a replacement. The news of the day opened the door for us -- Hurricane Ida was knocking out power in New Orleans and I began to wonder if there was a mock trial team that was affected. The first hit I got was an article about the undergraduate mock trial team at Dillard. They were a young team but were returning several seniors who were poised to make a run past the regional competition phase. I reached the coach, Adria Kimbrough and she told me the team had been dispersed by the storm and the campus was closed. Some students were living in a hotel. Adria was living out of a suitcase. It took a few phone calls and emails to get permissions and within days we started interviewing. By the time the team was able to return to campus, we were fortunate enough to record their bootcamp in person. Their first tournament was going to be live at the University of Mississippi and that provided the opportunity for Lisa Gray and I to travel and meet the team in person for the first time. Sometimes in this documentary world you get lucky. The team was in fighting shape and won nearly every award at the competition. We were a project in search of a story -- they were a team in search of a title. Tomorrow we drop the first of three episodes on the team. It's been quite a journey.

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