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We Need More Lawyers Like This !

Look at these faces. Young would-be lawyers from the Dillard University mock trial team. They (and the other law students in this series) have renewed my faith in the future - especially in these troubled times. The fight is on in courts across the country for reproductive rights, gun control legislation, January 6th, and the insidious effects of mass incarceration. And these young people do not back down. They stand ten against oppression, as Caitlin Douglas puts it. There is a feverish vibe to being around these students when they are in the midst of a trial, Their minds are working on a complex set of facts and they have to get in the zone as would an elite athlete. There were many times when I sat back and wondered what I was doing at their age. Not much, in comparison. When you watch the hearings today, think about these kids and picture them doing the work to build a case.

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