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After eight episodes we start to turn to the stretch run and focus on two teams -- Dillard University and St. Mary's.

In Episode 9 we return to the Dillard team and chart their dramatic rise through the regional rounds and witness how the team begins to find its identity. We delve in to the religious background of DeAndre Bell and hear how Caitlin Douglass becomes a political activist with the aid of her grandmother. We learn about Amaya Ronczyk's singular quest to get into law school. All of this amid bomb threats to their school.

In Episode 10 we, once again, immerse you in the drama and comedy that surrounds the St. Mary's team as it tries to shake off the injury from the last competition. They pull out all of the stops to get to the Nationals. And they're funny -- they are unguarded and snarky. And they wear their emotions on their sleeves.

It's rare when you can experience young people growing up in front of you. There are going to be tears.

We're so thankful to all of these students and coaches who have given us (and you) access to document their inner lives.

Episodes 11 & 12 are full of surprises for both teams.

So, thanks for listening and tell your friends and neighbors.

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