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Thanks for the Feedback on Episode 7

We've received some heartfelt feedback from several folks for our episode "Don't Mess with Texas" and we want to thank you all for sharing those thoughts. Many of you pointed out the dignity and courage that the young attorneys from St. Mary's expressed in the face of discrimination. For those of you who haven't listened to the podcast, I'll spare you the spoiler details. Better to listen to it unfold in real time.

Our producer Kristen Cabrera and sound recordist Alfredo de la Garza did an amazing job capturing the in the moment reactions by the team and Katie Phang did a masterful job interviewing the students afterwards for reaction and context. Many thanks to them. We hope, by sharing this story, that we can shine a light on the very real issues facing Latina attorneys in the courtroom. The sting of a racial incident never goes away but facing it, addressing the impact and sharing that pain for others to learn from is critical, in our view.

In this series we made a conscious decision to profile young lawyers from underrepresented populations - Latinos in South Texas, African Americans in New Orleans, Native Americans in South Dakota and Asians in Brooklyn. We also made decisions to be inclusive in gender and finally, geographically diverse. That was deliberate.

The result, we hope, is a cross-section of the next generation of American lawyers. Some day -- 20 years from now, it will be worth it to check in on these young lawyers. We expect great things.

So, thank you for listening. Keep listening and follow these teams as they head to the exciting conclusion of their season. We promise the ride will be worth it.

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