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Class Action Trailer


Air date: 

May 31, 2022

Class Action is a twelve-part podcast documentary series that tracks a diverse cast of outstanding law students who are battling it out in mock trial competitions across the country. Host Katie Phang takes you inside the high stakes world of mock trial competitions, where you'll follow the drama of four teams fighting to win the National Championship.

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[funky syncopated music with drums and bass]

Bill Murray: He looks to the trunk, they count 1,2,3 – the trunk pops open and the spotlight of the trunk shines on the victim of this case.

Jasmin Olguin: Let me start that again. I'm going to kill this bastard. I'm going to kill you, you fake tough guy.

Katie Phang (host): Join me, Katie Phang, for Class Action, as we take you inside the high stakes world of mock trial competitions.

Justin Petereit: Lack of evidence is not evidence. Making assumptions, does not mean that’s the truth.

Katie Phang (host): Class Action follows the drama of four teams fighting to win the National Championship.

Andy Vizcarra: The other side was such a trash can fire, like, a true trash can fire.

Tony Serra: The first thing I would inquire is, why do you want to become a lawyer? 

Katie Phang (host): We devoted 12 episodes of this podcast to that very question and we haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet. But the journey to find out is a lot of fun.

Announcer: Our first team with six wins is Team 1260.

[Dillard University trial team screams with joy]

Caitlin Doulgas: Oh lord, Jesus!

Katie Phang (host): I mean, what can be more fun than a bunch of law students arguing with each other all day and all night.

[gavel hit]

Male attorney: You lied to the police to get out of trouble.

Andy Vizcarra: I’m sorry. I'm so sorry.  Objection, your Honor.

AJ Bellido de Luna: I'm gonna stop you. I'm gonna stop you. You're on a fishing expedition to nowhere.

Adam Shlahet: It all comes down to four students and a coach, or two, in a room working hard.

Preet Bharara: Law is about rules. But, more important than rules, it is something that is based on principles and values of equal justice and fairness of process. There is a lot of power in a legal degree.

Jared Rosenblatt: All of a sudden, we take lawyers, they graduate law school, and we expect them to walk into a courtroom and talk about life and death and millions of dollars without any practice, or practical application of this. Think about music, playing the violin in your basement. And all of a sudden walking into Carnegie Hall one day and playing for the first time. It would never happen in music. It would never happen in sports. Why should it happen in law?

Ellie Sands: What just happened?

Kathrine Boyko: Anjani won for Best Opening Statement!

DeAndre Bell: I ask that you take all the evidence that was given to you ladies and gentlemen, and you come to the only right verdict, the only just verdict, and find the defendant guilty.

[gavel hit]

Andy Vizcarra: I hope my kids never do mock trials. I’d be like, what are you doing? <Laugh>

Katie Phang (host): Listen to Class Action starting June 7 on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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