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Bonus: Home for the Holidays

Genesis Salinas, a Saint Mary's 2L, travels 3 and a half hours south of San Antonio to her hometown in the Rio Grande Valley. There, along the Texas-Mexico border, her family celebrates Christmas as she re-adjusts to what life was like before law school. The holidays, though a short time together, reminds her of the importance of family, culture and tradition.

jeffthebean, 07/22/2022

Fantastic! Can’t get enough!

Every Tuesday I look forward to a new episode. I listen to quite a few legal-world podcasts, but this one has that “something” different about it in following folks that haven't become lawyers yet, but are well on their way, and you can hear their fire, their passion for what they’re doing just over the audio format. It’s great.

I find myself getting amped up when things go well for them, and sharing in their disappointment in some measure when things don’t work out the way they wanted. It’s very compelling storytelling, and I hope they’ll eventually go to a twice a week release schedule…maybe…in the future!

gufhhfse, 06/20/2022

Mock Trial heaven

"As a 30 year practicing trial attorney and a coach of a high school mock trial team this is a great podcast. Although high school is not law school it really brings out the intensity and passion the people who do Mock Trial have. And some great tips for people who do it. I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes. Going to recommend it to my students and everybody I know involved in Mock Trial."

Saguaro123, 06/01/2022

The exciting world of mock trial

Based on the trailer, I can’t wait to follow the ins and outs of young lawyers figuring out their way through their arguments. Always great to learn how it all works. And so happy to see Katie Phang as host. She is such a delight on NBC. Go, Class Action, go!!!

About Class Action

Class Action with Katie Phang is an immersive 12 part documentary podcast series about the next generation of lawyers, heard through the voices of law students competing in mock trial tournaments around the country.​

Producers spent a year following three law school teams and an undergraduate pre-law program.  The series follows a natural narrative arc of the season.


Just like in athletics, there are intensive bootcamps and scrimmages, then high-stakes tournaments against other schools. The cases range from mob murders, arson and to civil rights law.  And the action is fierce.


Class Action is a production of Sound Argument and iHeartMedia. 

"What a powerful narrative you all have woven together. Thank you, again, for telling the story of these wonderful young people in such a powerful way." -- Adria Kimbrough, Dillard University Mock Trial coach

"This is a really great production that I encourage everyone to listen to no matter what. The stories being told by y’all are great and an amazing insight into what we do. Couldn’t be happier and honored to be in it!" -- Cole Davila, St. Mary's Law Trial Team

"I’ve always struggled to be able to explain to someone the true magic that is coming together as a mock team (coaches and competitors). It’s hard to capture the joy and the heartbreak and why it all matters. I’m going to suggest all my students have their parents, spouses, etc. listen." --  

Rhani Lott Choi. Education Director

National Institute for Trial Advocacy


Home for the Holidays in the Valley

In this bonus episode, Genesis Salinas, 2L, from St. Mary’s in San Antonio, Texas, takes us to her family’s home in the Rio Grande Valley. The Valley is at the southernmost point of Texas, at the meeting point of Mexico and the U.S., making it rich in history and culture. Genesis and her family share their holiday memories and traditions with cookies, arroz con leche, and a children’s Christmas carol.



7. Don’t Mess with Texas

After a disappointing showing in the Battle of the Experts, the St. Mary's team is back together, determined to make a comeback. Mariela joins Andy, Jasmin and Cole, this time as an advocate. They pledge allegiance to Justice Sotomayor and Bad Bunny. The team is on the precipice of winning, only to face discrimination during a controversial semi-final round. Andy and her family celebrate El Grito.



10. Any Given Sunday

It’s been a grueling season for AJ’s St. Mary’s squad. Spirits are low. Exhaustion has creeped in. The Regional Competition is around the corner – and the case packet has just dropped. If they win in Houston, they advance to Nationals. Lose, and they go home. And standing in their way is perennial nemesis, Baylor University. The odds are low, but when the finals are held on a Sunday, anything can happen.



1. Boot Camp for Lawyers

The 100-degree heat in San Antonio won't stop St. Mary's University coach AJ Bellido de Luna from drilling his team on the fundamentals. “We’re going to be the largest populated school for Latino law students. These students are here to make a difference,” he says. And for coach Laura Rose at the University of South Dakota, being midwest nice has no place in a mock trial tournament. She lays down the law; “You guys are engaged in a highly competitive law school sport.”



Bonus: Katie catches up with Brooklyn Law School

A spate of recent Supreme Court decisions are eroding the civil rights of all Americans, especially women. Katie Phang checks in with the Brooklyn team to gauge their reactions to the overturning of Roe v Wade and other decisions. Listen to how these future lawyers plan to fight for and protect our rights.



8. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Matt Skinner and Tyler Volesky are sons of prominent defense attorneys in South Dakota who honor their Native American heritage by fighting for justice. Matt takes us inside the Minnehaha County Public Defender’s office, where he argues in real court on behalf of a Native client. Tyler is following in his father's footsteps in both law and politics. But first, he must overcome some obstacles in the world of mock trial.



11. Why do you want to be a lawyer?

Mock trial is supposed to prepare you for a real trial. Andy and Jasmin are about to see if that’s true. They are going to face off in Bexar County Court for an actual case in front of a judge and jury. Special guests and law students from the various schools join in to share some of their favorite law tips and career advice.



6. Civil Rights and How to Make a Cup of Chai

Anjani Shah and Ellie Sands lead an all-female team from Brooklyn Law against an all-male team from Harvard University at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. National Civil Rights Competition. It’s an epic battle for an important cause. Anjani's immigrant parents watch the trial online, and her dad teaches us how to make a proper cup of chai. Back on campus, Ellie appeals to President Biden for clemency on behalf of her endangered client.



Class Action Trailer

Class Action is a twelve-part podcast documentary series that tracks a diverse cast of outstanding law students who are battling it out in mock trial competitions across the country. Host Katie Phang takes you inside the high stakes world of mock trial competitions, where you'll follow the drama of four teams fighting to win the National Championship.



9. Survive and Advance

Adria is a fan of the philosopher Nick Saban, the decorated coach of the Alabama football team. She and Judge Kern Reese want their team to stay focused, be clear and concise. Tight. She sends her team to an invitational in Houston to see who is ready for the big time in the spring. The results are mixed. Back home in New Orleans, the team rallies and punches their ticket to the Regional Championship.



12. The Promised Land

For the first time in its history, Dillard sends a team to the National Tournament! Dozens of teams from around the country descend on Lancaster, PA, to not only admire the trophies, but to battle each other in the old courthouse. Adria has brought her team to the Promised Land in what will be her last tournament with the team. History will be made.



3. Mob Hits and the H-E-B

“Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.” The first big tournament of the season is a murder case based on the plot of Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas. The teams are practicing saying “consigliere” and figuring out what the difference is between a “capo” and a “soldier.” In between we get a lesson on South Dakota geography (cowboy hats out west), and take a trip to H.E.B. (el Heb) for triple shot espressos.